Cruz Gets Even Bigger in 2011

It’s time for another sneak peak at the latest Cruz creations currently in development by the masterminds at Velocity Micro. Keep in mind, no prices or release dates are currently available. Check back here for continued updates! For more info, check out Engadget’s report!

Velocity Micro Cruz L510
Velocity Micro Cruz P38

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36 Responses to Cruz Gets Even Bigger in 2011

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  2. John Snead says:

    I’m very eagerly awaiting the P38, but am also very eager to get a new tablet. How much RAM will the P38 have?

    Also, can you say what Quarter of 2011 it will be released in. If it’s in Q1 or Q2, I’ll wait, but if later, I’ll likely get something else.

    • CruzAdmin says:

      At this time we can’t release any info on launch dates. As for RAM, the specifics are not yet finalized, but rest assured there will be plenty of RAM for a premium Android experience

      • John Snead says:

        Will it be possible to upgrade the P38 to Android 2.4 (Honeycomb)? Also, will it be able to use the android market?

        • CruzAdmin says:

          At this time, there are no upgrades to newer versions of Android. The official Android Market is inaccessible to all tablets that do not feature phone-functionality at this time.

        • Donovan Lipscomb says:

          Android honeycomb is 3.0

          • Andreas Miyashiro says:

            Remember that the Amazon app store is supported- this provides for any apps you’ll need. I have a cruz t301 and plants vs. zombies (my favorite game app) runs great on it.

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  4. Cameron RUss says:

    Will there be flash support. also any camera?

  5. Jared says:

    If it comes out in time, do you guys plan to put Android Honeycomb on your new tablets? The 10.1 inch is about the size of the XOOM which runs Honeycomb, so there would be no problem with size.

  6. cameron russ says:

    wait does that mean that the new l37 , p38 and l510 will be out in Q2 or are you makng newer ones after said tablets

  7. JOHn stevens says:

    when will these comeout

  8. chris jones says:


  9. MarcoM. says:

    What about Honeycomb? I mean.. almost every tablet being launched this year comes with it.. will there be at least a chance to upgrade? What about 3G? Android Market Support? Multitouch?

  10. cameron russ says:

    when will more descriptive specs be released

  11. Brendan says:

    WOW! I am very excited about the releases of these, however I bought my T103 at borders, and i was wondering if there was a way in which I could trade in my old T103 for the L510?

  12. Kelly says:

    I am very excited about the 3 L37 and P38 has there been a release date set for these yet or a way to preorder them?

  13. brendan says:

    estimated price???

  14. Kathy says:

    CruzAdmin previously posted Q2 for release of new Cruz Tablets & now that we’ll be entering Q2 in a few weeks… any news on the release dates ?

  15. Jake says:

    It would be better on android 3.0….

  16. brendan says:

    what information can be released about these tablets

  17. Shawn Gliddon says:

    Hoping for an update about these tablets – are any of them expected to be 4:3 aspect ratio? Hard to tell from the pictures.


  18. dayviona says:

    where do i fing my contacts at please help me

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