Enter to Win a T408 or T410!

There’s only a day left, but that’s still time enough to enter to win a Cruz T408 or T410. Click the banner below to sign up!

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5 Responses to Enter to Win a T408 or T410!

  1. Roberta Williams says:

    I have a comment about the T301 Velocity Cruz Tablet that was given to me as a gift. Why do you have on the box that this tablet can be upgraded and that it can receive apps. I have tried installing apps such as “Crazy Birds” from Amazon and was told that my tablet was not compatible. That has been the way with any app that I try to install.
    When will you upgrade your stuff so that I can upgrade mine?

  2. Diana Razzano, RN says:

    My husband bought me a Cruz tablet 2 years ago and I love it. I bought him one this past December I had difficulty setting his up so I called the # provided. I have to say you have the rudest uncaring real mean people in TECH support, the first guy I spoke withactually hung up on me without getting me set up and the second guy was so rude as I could not get a site to open he told me I’ve helped you all I can keep trying and hung up. I eventually got it up and running. I bought my grandaughter a tablet but not a Cruz. I think you made need to review PR with your TECH support people.

    • Poetra says:

      That’s not what the owners muaanl says, the owners muaanl (Getting started with your Criz Tablet t103, t104, t105 page 3) clearly says that the hole between the usb and the headphone jack is the microphone. As all the current advertisements by Velocity for the t100 series says that it has a microphone. So ether it has a microphone at which point your tech department needs to come up with a patch to make it work. Or it does not, and we have a clear case of false advertisment, at which point this may become a legal issue. I have my fimgers crossed in hopes that it is a software issue.

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