Cruz Firmware Updates

Having trouble accessing Wi-Fi? Having issues with touch-screen calibration? You may need to try updating the firmware for your Cruz. These downloads have always been available on our Support site, but we’ve provided direct links to them below for your convenience! Keep in mind that each firmware update is UNIQUE to the specific Cruz model. It is critical that you choose the proper download-link!

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54 Responses to Cruz Firmware Updates

  1. George Freeman says:

    who do i sign on to the blog
    I was trying to downoloan a users manual for
    the T103

  2. Ariel says:

    Hi, what happened to the T301 firmware? are you planning to release a new version, maybe fix the sound problems.

  3. Brendan says:

    I am having trouble entering recovery mode on my T103 to install the update. I have tried many combinations found all over the web, including the guide installed in my tablet, and the one on the site, however none of them would work. Please help!

  4. lord_beavis says:

    Please please please update the T105 to either Android 2.1 or 2.2 (preferably 2.2). When I bought mine, two of my work mates went and bought themselves one each but when they found out there were no plans to update them, they returned them. The Best Buy employee they talked to said that most of the ones they sold had been returned to the store. You have a good product, but it almost feels like it was rushed out the door and is getting the red headed step child treatment.

  5. Pavel says:

    I just got a Cruz reader (feb, 2011), how do I know is my cruz reader need to be update? is there a way to see the fireware version?

    • CruzAdmin says:

      The firmware update simply makes the device more efficient and fixes some common bugs! It would be wise to install the firmware update to ensure that you see the best possible performance!

  6. Mark says:

    I downloaded the firmware update on my reader and corrected problems with accessing secured wifi locations. The devise is faster and the touch more responsive. I don’t understand why the download put my devise back to factory defaults. I’m new to Android so this may be an issue with Eclair. If I understand correctly I cannot update to a more recent version of android OS.
    Probably not a problem as long as developers honor backward compatibility. I do like the idea of the cruz market. if this site is kept updated then i see this working like Itunes. I know when I download to my Ipod the application has passed the Apple QA criteria. My hope is the cruz market operates in a similar way.

  7. genaro says:

    Installed the update with the ADB and now my t103 works like a charm, it’s a little bit faster and some problems I had with k9 email client disappeared

    Well done guys !!
    Are you planning a release with Android 2.1 or higher?

  8. BossyBigSis says:

    I would like another update to the latest Android software, please! None of my apps can update now because of my outdated Eclair. Do you have a projected date for this?

    • CruzAdmin says:

      At this time we do not have any upgrades planned, but if that changes we will post information as soon as it becomes available.

      • Wayne says:

        The Cruz tablet T103 really should be upgraded it’s nearly impossible to get software that actually works on it. If it weren’t for the Amazon Marketplace and lots of trial and error it would be nearly unusable.

  9. Update: Amazon app has just launched. sorry for the off topic :)

  10. Herb Richter says:

    Wifi was working well before the current firmware update but not after.

    Now, in Wi-Fi Settings, after selecting “turn on Wi-Fi” scanning begins but the wifi turns itself off. Scanning seems to continue but neither of the two networks I have (which worked before and still with other devices) is found.

    “Add Wi-Fi Network” manually does not help.

    In advanced settings the mac address sometimes appears, sometimes not.

    I’ve tried rebooting (hard and soft) – no effect.

    From the global settings “About Device” lists:
    “Model Number” as PT701 ??? and
    “Firmware version” is 2.0

  11. Ted Gentry says:

    Question was asked above, but not specifically answered. I have the R101 and would like to know how to determine what my current firmware is (all the device says is “eclair”) and if this firmware download is different than what I have. No need to “upgrade” and re install my apps if this is the same firmware that is already on my device. Thanks!

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  13. Tdrenice says:

    just got a used cruz r102. will have a ton of questions later. so far i am having difficulty resetting it.

  14. melissa says:

    Each time i try to read blogs with my cruz, it closes out and returns to my start up screen. What can i do to stop that? I get maybe thirty seconds on a blog of any kind before it kicks me off. Just bought it a month ago.

  15. Colton says:

    Is there going to be an update to put the r102 past firmware 2.0 cause there is nothing anyone can do with 2.0

  16. Suzanne says:

    I just bought an R102 and can’t connect to my WiFi. Period. I found an update online but nothing I do will update the reader. I’m getting ready to go take it back since I can’t get it to work. Is there anything I can do?

  17. Dimm says:

    Hi i just open my Cruze T103, and try to update, but i can’t:
    E:signature verification failed
    Installation aborted.
    and after that, in notification bar : damaged flash memory. How can i fix it?

  18. Dimm says:

    hi. something new: now my device cant boot. stuck on cruz logo. i can get to the recovery to try update but still E:signature verification failed
    Installation aborted.

  19. cristopher says:

    Hey, I bought a cruz reader yesterday and I wanted to update its firmware I downloaded the update from the official page but when I pressed VOL+ and Power buttons It reboot but keep the word Cruz on the display. I don’t know what I did wrong, I followed all the steps how it said. Please Help me. What can I do?

  20. denise says:

    i just purchased the velocity micro cruz t301 tablet…i cant get the tablet to update to 2.2 from the sd card…i hold down the power and volume button at same time as it says but no download just goes to the main screen

  21. Yesenia says:

    Hi everyone and God bless you all!! I have my Cruz reader (R101 or R103) for about 2 years and you know what happened?? 3 days ago the reader stop working just like that. It doesn’t turn on and wont get any battery charger!!! I’m really worry and sad. I don’t have the money to buy another e reader or tablet and i need one for college. Someone please help me!!! Thanks!!!!

    • CruzAdmin says:

      call or email our cruz support

      • luxury says:

        I’ve had the T301 for about 3 weeks And I’m still unable to update. I called cs the same day and was told to try again later (exact answer). I waited a couple days and the rep on the line was very hard to understand. I tried to download again using my desktop, laptop, and a friend’s laptop and still no update. So oNce again I call cs and ask the rep if he could email the update and he said the file was to large and he tells me he would send it on a sd card. I get the card in the mail exactly a week later, follow instructions and NOTHING!!! When I put the card in my pc it says it is damaged. When I put it in the. Tablet it says there is nothing on it. Why would they send a dmaged card with nothing on it. I’m so frustrated with this company.

  22. Joey says:

    I have a cruz without on screen keyboard cannot type. How to I fix this issue?

  23. Joey says:

    The model I have is T301

  24. Mike says:

    I just bought a Cruz t103 at Big Lots and tried to upate it. Followed the instructions at the website. Everything was looking good until the installation said that the Esignature failed. I’ve seen this problem reported before but I haven’t seen and answer or at least a workaround. Any thoughts?

    Thanks in advance!!

    • CruzAdmin says:

      Try the firmware update again from the beginning (delete the firmware update file from your SD card and re-download it using Internet Explorer.) If that does not work, please call us at 800-296-4312 (Option 5, then 2).

      • Ilham says:

        Hello, I’m trying to updtae the firmware, but I can’t get this thing to go into SD updtae mode so I must be doing something wrong. It’s a T1031 how long do I hold the paperclip in the reset? a quick tap or holding it until something happen?2 As soon as I pull the paperclip out the reset hole the CRUZ logo appears before I can hold down the Volume+ button is that normal?3 if above is normal how long do I hold down the vol+ button?4 Should the SD card be in or out of the tablet?Thanks any help would be greatTman

        • CruzAdmin says:

          Make sure your Cruz is charged, unplug it from the wall, press the reset with a paperclip for a second or two (Make sure the paperclip is small enough and make sure you feel the button press down). Try the power button again.

          If this doesn’t work, try it again with a 30 second reset press, then the power button.

          If this STILL doesn’t work, You will need to go through the proper channels for support. The Velocity Micro blog is not a part of our Cruz Support Department.

          First register at
          then email or call our support team and I’m sure they’d be able to help you rather quickly.

  25. Tman says:

    Hello, I’m trying to update the firmware, but I can’t get this thing to go into SD update mode so I must be doing something wrong. It’s a T103
    1 how long do I hold the paperclip in the reset? a quick tap or holding it until something happen?
    2 As soon as I pull the paperclip out the reset hole the “CRUZ” logo appears before I can hold down the Volume+ button is that normal?
    3 if above is normal how long do I hold down the vol+ button?
    4 Should the SD card be in or out of the tablet?

    Thanks any help would be great


    • CruzAdmin says:

      1. Hold the paperclip.
      2. As soon as you let go of the paperclip, press and hold the Volume+. Let go when you see Cruz.
      3. You have to be quick.
      4. The SD card needs to be in the tablet when you do all of this.

  26. susana says:

    hola como puedo resetear mi tablet cruz lo que sucede es que olvide mi contraseña????? :)

  27. tylen hughes says:

    Why wont my t301 install games like angry birds fruit ninja and so on i download it but it wont install

    Also i downloaded and install youtube app from cruz market but it wont let me go to youtube

  28. Kathy V says:

    R103 can’t get Pandora to load–also can OS be upgraded to at least 2.1? Thank you

  29. Buffy says:

    I just purchased a T103 tablet. When I go to Home > Menu > Settings > Language & Keyboard > Touch Calibration, there is no calibration option. How do I calibrate it?
    Why cant I play facebook games? I have already downloaded the firmware sucessfully.
    Thank You

  30. Frank says:

    Last night my cruz R102 was working fine. I got up this morning and the black scree of death. I updated the firm ware and nothing. It updates and the cruz screen come on and goes black. This is my second unit since Nov. Why does this keep happening?

  31. Frank says:

    When sending the unit back for repair, do I just send the unit?

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